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Sandra Schmirler Foundation
Sandra Schmirler Foundation15 hours ago
This National Volunteer Week we also celebrate the end of another incredible curling season! 🥌 It's energetic and generous volunteers like those at this weekend's Grand Slam of Curling Players' Championship who helped collect almost $5,000 to help Champions Start Small that make our cause and this sport so special! 🙏 Thank you to everyone who donated this weekend - you set a new GSOC Players’ Championship Crowd Sweep record!

We salute all the volunteers who have helped keep Sandra's legacy so strong. ❤️
Sandra Schmirler Foundation
Sandra Schmirler Foundation2 days ago
Tiny champions require critical equipment.👶

That's why we were so proud to help babies at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital Foundation with a gift at this week's Grand Slam of Curling. Your generosity has allowed us to assist with the purchase of a therapeutic hypothermia device to help #ChampionsStartSmall. 🩺❤️
Sandra Schmirler Foundation
Sandra Schmirler Foundation7 days ago
We're excited to watch The Curling Group take the Grand Slam of Curling to the next level! 👏 Sportsnet has been and continues to be an incredible partner, allowing us to deliver over a quarter of a million dollars to purchase equipment to help babies in host Grand Slam communities that are born premature or critically ill. 👶🇨🇦🙏