Tout se passait trop vite et trop tôt.

by Carolyn Goor, Langley, BC

“It was decided that I have a C-section. I was only 33 weeks. They struggled to pull you out then they whisked you away where a whole team was waiting. A lifetime passed waiting to hear you cry; then you did and I cried. It was the most beautiful sound in the world. Then I found out I couldn’t hold you. I felt a pain in my heart like never before. “

“I had to make a choice. Be strong or break, and break I almost did. Not knowing how you really were and what your future held was scary. The next 45 days were a blur, learning words like bradycardia, brain bleeds, jaundice, feeding tubes, testing for different syndromes, and low tone. Learning how to care for you and learning how to leave you every night. Going home for the first time…you’re not supposed to leave the hospital without your baby…and repeat it for 45 days straight.”

“Then suddenly you are home and months have passed and the whole NICU experience seems a distant memory. You don’t have that beautiful birth story you see on TV; you have something so much better. From day one, you appreciate your baby and what a treasure they are so much more. You know you wouldn’t trade these moments or your story for the world.”