Welcome to The Clubhouse!

The Sandra Schmirler Foundation and Curling Clubs have been working to keep Sandra’s legacy alive for over 20 years.

Curling Clubs are great places for curlers to learn about Sandra Schmirler, her legacy and the Foundation created to keep her legacy alive. Bringing awareness to the Foundation can be as simple has having our logo on your website, following us on social media or putting up an information poster in your club. We have several promotional items that you can download. You may never know the full reach of installing our ice decals or displaying a poster but rest assured many families will benefit from your actions!


Download our logo to your website

Scholarship Posters

Applications for our Spirit of Sandra Scholarships open around January and close around late May every year. Contact us to learn more about promoting this $5,000 opportunity for youth curlers at your club, including putting up posters or including in your social media outreach.

Sandra Schmirler Posters

Help keep Sandra’s legacy alive by displaying a poster explaining who Sandra was and the work of the Foundation created in her honour.

SSF Info in Blue

SSF Info in White

Ice Decals

Jet ice has created ice decals for the Foundation! Available in 33″ X 12″ and 24″ X 9″ sizes.

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